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Publishing Opportunity

Welcome to The Homesteader's Publishing Business Opportunity!

The Homesteader is a newspaper for new and recent homeowners which has been published in the Boston area since 1990.

We have recently revamped our business opportunity!

If you are interested in starting your own publication targeting new and recent homeowners, this might be a great opportunity for you.

We now have several options you can choose from to pursue this publishing opportuity. (Options may vary or not be available in every state.)

About The Homesteader
"The Homesteader" is a monthly publication (typically on newsprint) that is direct-mailed to new and recent homeowners. We give new homeowners a free subscription for six months to two years. Each issue includes articles of interest to newcomers, like home improvement projects, decorating tips, antiques, movie reviews, restaurant reviews, local travel, museums, and a community calendar. We help newcomers "settle in" to their new community. Because the paper is free, we reach virtually every new homeowner household multiple times in our target circulation area, making us the most complete solution to reaching new homeowners.

Besides direct-mail, we recommend supplementing the distribution by placing papers in high-traffic locations like libraries, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. This increases the paper's visibility as well as lowering the cost of distribution per copy. Readers who get a subsciption in the mail can often pick it up locally once their subscription has expired. This dual distribution method gives advertisers "the best of both worlds."

We are different from other "new homeowner" contact services because of our low cost-per-contact and our editorial focus. We reach new homeowners repeatedly (which is critical in advertising) and our cost-per-contact is very attractive: just a few pennies per household. Most of our direct competition is much more expensive! (i.e., up to $3-$7 per contact!) If you are talking with a business that wants to target new homeowners, you will have an excellent chance of closing the sale with The Homesteader!

Our efficiency works well with our editorial. We are not just sending ads to these new homeowners. We are providing a valuable information service that truly helps them settle in to their new community. And as they do so, they get great exposure to the local businesses that are looking for new customers!

As a local publisher, you have a lot of freedom to develop the concept to work best in your area. For example, our papers have local Food & Dining Guide sections, some local maps, and local restaurant reviews. We also focus on helping readers find local businesses with a free business referral service. All of these options and more are available for you to use locally to help market your concept. With this opportunity, you have a lot of freedom to develop the concept for your area.

Publishing Opportunity - Option 1 - You operate your own

Publish a local edition of "The Homesteader" and sell advertising to the businesses in your area, helping them get their message across to all the new homeowners moving in. As a local publisher, you would hire a graphic artist and a printer to produce your paper, and might hire sales reps and telemarketers to help in your sales effort. We recommend that you run the business from your home, although you might get an office if you run multiple territories. Multiple territories might give you efficiencies in sales, marketing, graphics, and printing. Each territory consists of a number of towns or zip codes. In assigning a territory, we will discuss the local area with a prospective publisher to determine shopping patterns, county lines, natural boundaries, etc. We try to create our territories with a general population of 200,000-300,000. Mulitiple territories can be purchased with additional time to develop.

A Territory for only $400 down
We are currently offering local territories on very attractive terms. Buy your first territory for only $400 down, $3,000 after six months. The first six months are on a trial basis--if you do not like the business you can return all material to us, honor the agreement, agree not to compete with our concept, and you do not have to pay the $3,000 balance due on the fee. There is also a 10% royalty on ads sold after the six-month trial period. (Some states might have slightly different fee structures, depending on local regulations. Please contact us for further details.) Territories consist of a general population of about 250,000 people.

If you wish to purchase multiple territories, each one is $400 down. We must agree on a development schedule so we aren't holding territories for unreasonable lengths of time.

Territories purchased in this manner may or may not be eligible to use The Homesteader trademark. However, if you are eligible to use the trademark and you choose to use it, we may not be able to provide additional support services (option two, below) until after you've paid your "second fee."

Training and Support
Most training is available from our members-only website. We provide a Training and Operations Manual and other helpful training information on the website. We have a special video training section where you can get sales and editorial training by watching videos produced by HEI. Publishers that wish to visit Massachusetts for additional training may do so upon request and for an additional fee, but we feel the online training support should be adequate for most.

Once you start your business, we are available for questions and advice (within reason!) While most aspects of the business are discussed in the Manual, there are often unique problems or situations that develop locally which we are happy to advise on. Our members-only website also has resources like ads by category, an article library, sample marketing materials, and a frequently-asked-question page.

Once you get started, you will use our monthly editorial packages which contain 15-30 camera-ready articles. Articles are also available on our members-only website. Previous months are also available, and many past articles are accessible in our article library. Many articles include art or photos. As part of our network, you are free to sell ads into other publications in the group and earn commissions, or receive ads from other publications. (All ads placed or sold are subject to local approval.) 

Editorial Support
Our monthly editorial packages have all types of articles, typically including home improvement, decorating, auto buying and care, children's activities, seasonal articles, cooking, health & fitness, antiques, movie reviews, etc. Local publishers are free to publish any articles we send. In addition, most publishers develop a few local articles including community calendars, restaurant reviews, local museums, daytrips, town histories or events, etc. We may also provide regional articles in areas where we can produce an article that a few local publishers can use. And most of the articles we provide are also formatted for the page as a PDF to reduce your local graphics expense.

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Publishing Opportunity - Optional HEI Assistance

All the services mentioned above apply. This option is for those individuals who would like HEI's further assistance in starting or running the business, so the local publisher can focus more time and energy on sales.

HEI offers fee-based services for all aspects of production, distribution, and billing.

Because we will be helping to create an edition with you, and we will be investing some time and energy in making it successful, we would need three months of services to be paid in advance to start, and then pre-payment each month of that month's services to be rendered.

If you decide to stop any or all services, you may do so at any time with 90 days written notice. So whatever monies you have paid in advance would then be used to fulfill the remainder of your time. (These fees are non-refundable, so if you decide to stop publishing altogether, we would retain these fees as liquidated damages.)

You would also be charged for the editorial use on a royalty basis. Our current royalty rate for a single edition is 10%.

Our fee schedule, which is subject to change without notice, is as follows:

Graphic arts services: $20 per page (8 page minimum). Does not include ad production (available at $25 per hour). (Initial deposit $480 for newspaper production, $750 for ad production.)

Database service: Maintain readership list, provide additions and subtractions as submitted in Excel file, merge new reader names from vendor, keep reader list at targeted mailing circulation. Email list to publisher or printer. $100 per month per territory. (Initial deposit $300).

Billing service: Create, maintain, and mail monthly invoices. Update quickbooks accounts with payments (list provided by local publisher). Send out collection letters as provided by local publisher. Provide updated quickbooks file periodically. $250 per month plus postage for first 100 monthly accounts. (Initial deposit $750, plus $50 for postage.)

Editorial service: Create monthly layout of all ads (Excel list provided by local publisher). Place articles from editorial package. Proof paper as completed by graphic artist. $15 per page (8 page minimum). (Initial deposit $360.)

Printing services: HEI does not print newspapers. We can email the publications we produce to your local printer to have your edition printed and mailed.

However, there may be economies of scale to print with our printer, if the same production setup is used. For this to work, you must have the same "setup" that we use (same number of pages, same color layout) and therefore you must purchase our graphic services so we can use the same files and correctly time production to save money. If you wish to gang up your printing with HEI's publications, and possibly save money, contact us for further details. The savings doing this could be substantial, but only if the papers are aligned as to size, color, and printing date.

Optional HEI services

Publishing Opportunity - Option 3 - For current publishers only!

If you are a current publisher and would like to work with us to reduce your editorial cost, give us a call! We produce monthly editorial packages which are available for your use locally. You can get "exclusive use" of our articles in your local market if you wish! For more information, click on our editorial-only agreement.

Editorial purchases are done on a "fee basis" so there are no royalties, no reports, no oversight and no training or assistance. You buy the editorial, you can use or modify it in the local area you have purchased it for, and you are free to stop purchasing it at any time.

Publishing Opportunity - Option 4 - For Massachusetts sales reps only!

If you are a top salesperson and live in Massachusetts, there is another opportunity available, and that is to reserve a territory but start out working in one of our established territories to learn how to sell our product. We will give you up to six months of training and generous commissions while you learn the business. Then you may start up a new territory with "no money down!"

This is a great opportunity for someone to keep the investment and risk low, sell into an established paper without having to wait five or six months before it is published, and really learn from our sales team what it takes to be successful. After you've "graduated" you can work with us in any of the ways above: have us handle production of your edition, become a licensee and pay a royalty, or simply purchase our editorial on a fee basis. The choice is yours!

The next step...

If you have sales, marketing, publishing or business experience, take a look at the low cost and high income potential of "The Homesteader" newspaper! We have a FREE information package we send out, with no cost or obligation. Included are a sample copy of The Homesteader and some marketing materials we use to sell ads in the field. To request a package, fill out the form below, or send us an email with your name, address, and phone number, or call Allen Nitschelm, President, at (800) 941-9907 ext. 11.

All of the information we mail is also available online on this website. Click on "view first package online" to see it now!

Once you get the initial package and want more information, we are happy to provide you with additional information and documents, including our Agreement and more sample copies. Contact us after you've received and reviewed our initial package! (And, again, the Second Package is also available online.)

Fees and terms may vary by state. Generally, publishers may not use our trademarks. Offer by agreement only.

CLICK HERE to view the second package. (Our "first package" information is above.) If you'd like a sample copy of The Homesteader, email Allen@TheHomesteader.com and request a sample copy.
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