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Publishing Opportunity

Second Package Information

If you are here, then you should have read our first package of information and be interested in exploring The Homesteader's publishing opportunity further.

Review our application.

Using HEI's trademark, $400-down option

Under this option, you would pay $400 down per territory and pay no other fees for six months. In six months, you would pay a second fee of $3,000 per territory. You may use our trademarks in your state (unless your state is listed below) but you cannot purchase additional HEI services under this plan.

View our Publishing Agreement (with trademark use.)
In South Carolina, the initial fee is reduced to $249.

View our Publishing Agreement (with no trademark use.)
If you live in the following states, you cannot use HEI's trademarks: California, Illinois, Indiana (no 2nd fee), Maryland (initial fee $299), Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma (2nd fee due in 12 months), Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. We will still offer the $400 down, $3,000 in six months deal if you wish, but you may purchase services outlined below as you wish.

HEI's optional services

If you think you would like to purchase HEI's services (graphics, editorial, billing, database management, printing), regardless of what state you live in, then you cannot use our tradmarks and should review this publishing agreement.

(New York and Washington State residents, see below).

EDITORIAL ONLY (Includes NEW YORK AND WASHINGTON STATE RESIDENTS): We are not licensing or offering services in your state except for editorial services. We recommend that you only consider purchasing these services if you are already a publisher or have publishing experience.

Review our editorial-only agreement

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